Monday, September 7, 2015

Deploying the Spark-0.7.x Cluster in Standalone Mode

To deploy the Spark Cluster in the Standalone Mode, run the following script present in the Spark Setup on the cluster's Master node


If everything is fine, the Spark Master UI should be accessible on port 8083 (or as per the specification provided in "". In case of no explicit specification, default port is 8080) of the Master node.

Run a Spark Application

Simple Spark applications such as Word Count are available in "spark-0.7.x/examples/src/main/java/spark/examples".

Most of them expect as an argument the "master" on which to run the application, which needs to be "local" when running on a system locally and "spark://MASTER_IP:PORT" (for example spark:// when running in Standalone mode.

The job submitted should appear on the Spark Master's Web UI as well.

Deploy the Mesos Cluster

If the Spark is to be run over a cluster managed by Mesos. For this, a Mesos cluster needs to be deployed, steps for which are available in the "Setting up a Mesos Cluster" post.

To start a Mesos Cluster, execute the command below on the Mesos Master:

If all goes well, Mesos's web UI should be visible on port 8080 of the master machine.

Run a Spark Application over Mesos

To run the Spark applications over the Mesos Cluster, specify "mesos://MASTER_IP:PORT" as the value of the "master" argument. A sample of the URL could be "mesos://".

The job submitted should appear on the Mesos Master's Web UI as well.

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