Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mahout’s Naïve Bayes: Test Phase

This post is in continuation to my previous post where Mahout Naive Bayes "trainnb" command has been explained. This one would describe the internal execution steps of the "testnb" command, which is used to test the model we build using 'trainnb".

Command Line Options for "testnb"

Generic Options

 -archives <paths>: comma separated archives to be unarchived on the compute machines.                                                            
 -conf <configuration file>:  specify an application configuration file
 -D <property=value>: use value for given property
 -files <paths>: comma separated files to be copied to the map reduce cluster
 -fs<local|namenode:port>: specify a namenode
 -jt<local|jobtracker:port>: specify a job tracker
 -libjars<paths>: comma separated jar files to include in the classpath.
 -tokenCacheFile<tokensFile>:  name of the file with the tokens

Job-Specific Options
  --input (-i) input: Path to job input directory.                                                                                                                                                    
  --output (-o) output: The directory pathname for output.        
  --testComplementary (-c): test complementary?
  --labelIndex (-li) labelIndex: The path to the location of the label index      
  --overwrite (-ow): If present, overwrite the output directory before running job                              
  --help (-h): Print out help                            
  --tempDirtempDir: Intermediate output directory              
  --startPhasestartPhase: First phase to run                        
  --endPhaseendPhase: Last phase to run
  --runSequential (-seq):  run sequential?
  --model (-m) model: The path to the model built during training              

Flow of execution of the "testnb" command

Hope it helped!

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