Friday, June 26, 2015

Start-up script for an installed Apache Storm Cluster

If you have installed a Storm cluster using my shell scripts in the previous blogs or even otherwise, this script will save you from manually visiting each node and starting the appropriate service(nimbus/supervisor/ui) there. All you have to do is grab a remote machine and run the script. The script will ask for the required information and your cluster would be up. Also, the script should work equally fine for both Ubuntu and CentOS.


# Directory Name
echo "Enter the relative path to the storm setup on the machines (For example, /opt/stormSetup/storm-0.9.0-wip4):"
read -e stormDir

# Read usernames and ips of all the storm cluster nodes
echo "Enter the IP of nimbus machine :"
read -e stormNimbus;

echo "Enter the username of nimbus :"
read -e usernameNimbus

# Read supervisor
echo "Enter the number of supervisor machines";
read -e n;
for ((  i = 1 ;  i <= n;  i++  ))
echo "Enter the IP of storm supervisor machine $i:"
read -e stormSupervisor;
echo "Enter the username of machine ${clusterMachineIPs[i]}"
read -e username

sshpass -p root ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no  $usernameNimbus@$stormNimbus $stormDir/bin/storm nimbus&

# Start the supervisor nodes
for ((  i = 1 ;  i <= n;  i++  ))
sshpass -p root ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no  ${clusterMachineUsernames[i]}@${clusterMachineIPs[i]} $stormDir/bin/storm supervisor&

# Start the UI on the nimbus machine
sshpass -p root ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no  $usernameNimbus@$stormNimbus $stormDir/bin/storm ui&

Visit your UI on the browser after a few minutes. Hope it shows up fine. Cheers!

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